Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Face Hurts!

I am so sick right now! It all started last week Thursday when I had a headache, well the headache lasted all the way until Sunday. Sunday morning when I woke up my throat also hurt. I knew this was the beginning of something horrible. Well I was correct! Monday at work I did not feel well at all and my stomach actually hurt too. I went home after work curled up in a ball and started to watch tv while laying in bed. At about 6:15 I decided it was time to drive over to urgent care. Well I came out of there with a prescription and four papers on what I had and how to take care of it! So the verdict was strep throat, double ear infections, bronchitis, and a viral respiratory illness! YIKES!!!! This is why my head had been hurting and my face hurts due to all of the pressure.

So I called in a sub for Tuesday and stayed home all day. I couldn't stay home for more than one day, I would get too behind at work, so here I am at work sitting in my chair. Luckily the antibiotics kicked in for today so I can actually breathe right now. :) I know the little things in life make me happy.

Hopefully this sickness goes away quickly because it is a bad one! On a good note, this is the first time this school year that I have gotten sick. That's an improvement for me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy Bee

This week has been a little crazy...and I have definitely been wanting some desserts!

I have been very very busy all week! It all began Monday with Gift Avenue at work; a time for the students to purchase gifts for family and friends. This has been before school, at lunch and after school! Not only did we sell items, but dance tickets as well! I had cheer on Monday and Tuesday with games going until 5pm! And just when I thought I would be able to leave work early on Wednesday, I had a leadership meeting until after 4 and then plan for the rest of the week of Geometry. Today is the school dance and tomorrow I have cheer practice from 5-7. Even Saturday is going to be busy due to the cheer competition in Murrieta! Oh week will be peaceful and quiet and I will not have anything to do. Yea right who am I kidding! :)

Hope all is well with everyone else!