Monday, January 23, 2012

Housewarming Party/Birthday Party

So this Saturday was spent celebrating my niece's fourth birthday along with my newly remodeled house! It was a very stressful morning because the company that we ordered the jumper and tables from cancelled because it was going to rain all day! Well I had looked it up and it was supposed to stop by 1pm and that's when the party was going to start.  Needless to say we had to find other arrangements because in about 4 hours we would have a bunch of people over.  Lucky for us, my mom called another company that supplied the chairs and tables for us.  I called my friend, who guided me to another jumper company that saved the day!

Around 1pm all of my family started to show up.  It was fun watching everyone look at my house and admire the work we have put into it.  It was even better to see the faces of those that have previously seen it to know what it has progressed from.  Audrey had a wonderful time with cousins and friends playing in the jumper and around the house.  Lucky for us, the rain stayed away just like the forecast predicted.

Around 5pm, my "work" friends started to show up.  I didn't think they would want to hang out with all of the little kids running around.  We had a bunch of fun and the last guests left around 12:45am.  It was a fun and exciting time and Audrey and I are both very thankful.

I missed out on taking pictures because I was so busy that day sorry.