Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First day back!

Well the first day back c ould be one of two things..work or blogging. :) Let's talk about yesterday in my classroom. The students were not the only ones that did not want to be back at school. I was exhausted from my week off of work which consisted of manual labor in my house. Not only was yesterday very cold, for us So Cal people, but my classroom was freezing as well. The high in my classroom was 68 degrees and that's only after three hours of the students in my classroom. Good thing I was dressed in multiple layers yesterday. Today I came prepared with my pea coat, but the heater was working today! That is until all the students left my room 2nd period and cold air started to blow out agian. :( Thank goodness it wasn't freezing in my room today, just cooler than normal. Better luck tomorrow!