Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teaching assignment & students

Well I haven't blogged in forever so I thought I would blog a little about my teaching assignment for this year. I am teaching all of eighth grade which is awesome because I do not personally like the 7th grade curriculum. Seventh graders are sometimes fun to teach, but the math isn't for me. I am also teaching a new class for me, Geometry. This means loads of planning and taking notes on the content before I actually teach it. I sometimes feel like a new teacher since I am re-teaching myself (with the help of Claudia) Geometry all over again. Last time I saw it was in 9th grade! YIKES!!!

As for my students this year, they all seem awesome and for the most part eager to learn. Of course they all are not super excited to be sitting in my math class, but they are pretty good overall. My double block is sometimes a challenge, but that's what a double block is for. :) Too bad I have them for two and a half hours because our advisory period is not running like it should. So I am keeping a positive attitude with them and I understand they are tired of me and I tired of them. Hopefully we can start to switch kids around because they need a change of environment and teacher as well.

Overall I feel both positive and excited for this year. I feel like a brand new teacher at times (geo) but I also feel that I am becoming a better teacher with the way we are presenting the material. Hopefully I keep up this positive attitude for the rest of the school year. :)