Friday, May 13, 2011

So it's time...

So my mom and I have been talking for a couple of weeks of joining Weight Watchers again.  I had been feeling unmotivated to do anything to try and lose weight and I was starting to get into trouble with my doctor.  So last week Thursday we decided that it was time to do it! We went to weigh in and start the "new" program.  It seems so much easier than last time I did it.  I feel very confident that I might actually stay with it this time. 
On Tuesday we decided to weigh in instead, because of the leader of the meeting, and I was so sure that I had only lost 0.5 lbs.  I was going to be totally fine with this, but when I stepped on the scale the lady didn't tell me anything.  My mom was the one that asked me what I had lost, so I looked in my little weight book and I was shocked! I lost 1.2 lbs!!! This was exciting since on Sunday we had Mother's day and we eat out twice that day.  I was very excited.  Now the trick is keeping it off and working to get more off! :)

Ps. Thanks Jennifer for being an inspiration and making me go back! :)