Friday, March 26, 2010

Wheelchair to room 12...

Well it started out as a wonderful St. Patrick's day...the sunny was shinning and I was dressed up with a great t-shirt the kids loved along with a head band that had clover antlers. :) Then all of a sudden at the end of my 5th period (approx. 1:30 pm) I started to feel really bad.

I was getting an upset stomach and I thought I might have to run out to throw up, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I got really, really cold and I was still trying to teach to my students which was difficult at this point. My head started to feel really wierd and I thought to myself, I feeel a little dizzy and I think I might pass out. So in between 5th and 6th period, I walked outside to ask my neighbor teacher if I looked ok. She told me I looked a little pale and she asked if I was alright. She did tell me not to pass out on her though. :) Then a special education aide walked by and told me I looked like crap! Yes she said crap!

I then said I didn't feel right and she went to get the principal. The principal told me to sit down and then she radioed for the vice-principal. I then had two very tall adults that were looking at me and asking me if I needed a wheelchair. (I felt like a little kid) I told them I would be fine, but then the principal got on the walkie-talkie and said she needed a wheelchair to room 12. Yep that's right, I was wheeled away from my classroom in a wheelchair. I then had to sit in the office with an ice pack on my head and the principal took my temperature. :) I had to call my mom to come and pick me up (just like the students) and I sat there waiting. Thankfully my dear friend Burskey saw me and resuced my students for me being sitting with them. Oh the joys of having an inner ear infection that makes your ear not only congested, but inflammed!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life Update!

Well I know that it has been FOREVER since I last blogged, but you know how life just gets in the way sometimes?!? I have been busy helping take care of my niece along with going to school, working, and having the soccer/softball season at work with the cheerleaders. But that was February and guess's now March! Yikes!!!

So here is a list of some things that occured during the month of February to keep you all up to date....
  • week off of work
  • went to Universal Studio's with Jenni and her family
  • family birthday parties
  • school
  • work
  • soccer/softball games
  • fieldwork hours for admin credential
  • took care of my niece
  • shopped at Lowe's/Home Depot
  • who knows what else.....

That's February in a nutshelll now on with the wonderful month of March!