Thursday, October 29, 2009

Signing the "docs"

Believe it or not, I actually signed the official loan and escrow paperwork for my house. Jennifer thought that it would be entertaining to take pictures of the process, so you could see!

October 27, 2009 through October 27, 2039 I'll be paying a mortgage payment!
If all goes smoothly, we will record and finalize tomorrow (Friday) and I'll have my keys.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh my! Time goes by fast!

So I logged on today and realized that I haven't posted a blog in a couple of months! I haven't even had time to sit and read many of the blogs other people post. Well I am now going to take the time to find out what is happening in everyone's lives and to keep everyone posted on me. :)

First let's start with work. I have been teaching now for two complete months and I am enjoying my year so far. There are days when I have to sit back and take a deep breath, but for the most part everything is going good. I have been more busy this year then in previous years due to the fact that my district is in DAIT (let's just say trouble) and we are doing tons of data analysis. Now I like looking at data (nerd I know), but I do not like having to do it soooo often. It's getting better and I am learning how to prioritize my work load. I have five single classes which is different for me. I have had double blocks before (two hours of math) and it gives you a little breathe time. I love teaching all of the single hour classes, but it is taking me some getting used to. I also just started tutoring this past week. Hopefully this helps me and my students gain a little relationship. house hunting. many of you know that I have been house hunting since FEBRUARY, and I still do not own a house! I have been in escrow a couple of times and right now I am in escrow as we speak. Everyone needs to pray, cross your fingers and thing good thoughts that the bank will except my offer since they do not want to drop the price. (Long story...) We will know for certain within the next couple of days. :)

Third...I have been having fun with my niece who will be two in January. I can't believe she is getting that big, but she is and she is really cute. :) I have spent the last month or so watching her most nights at home so my sister can work. This in turn leaves me no time for anything else. But I still love my little "stinky". I am in my third quarter of my second masters program in Education Administration and I am so glad that I only have one class. This one class meets 5 Saturdays throughout the quarter which is awesome! I unfortunetly have not been doing my school work like I should. Probably due to all of the baby sitting going on. I can't wait to be done with the program.

Lastly, I have officially been initiated into Jenni's group of girl friends for girls nights and outings. I love the fact that I am now being invited and that I am making connections with all of the girls. Thanks for inviting me and including me! :)

That's all for now...I know a lot to take in...but I will try to keep everyone updated more often . :)