Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Birthday

I just wanted to say that today was a very fun and special birthday! I spent time with my close friends and with some friends I haven't seen in years! It all started today with my friend at work buying me a large cone hat that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I then went to my testing block which happens to be my first period where I continued to receive one large cookie cake, two mini cakes, a chocholate piece of cake, and one cupcake. I do not know why my students all decided to bring me dessert, but it was very thoughtful. I then proceeded after school to Yard House to spend the rest of my birthday with a bunch of my friends. It was fun and very exciting and I thank all that spent it with me. THANK YOU!!! Twenty-seven is turning out to be a great year already!!! (I didn't like twenty-six)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cheer squad

So today I had cheer tryouts for the 2009-2010 school year. The tryouts seemed to go well and the girls all worked really hard before and during tryouts. I hope all goes well with my 20 cheerleaders and 1 mascot for next year. Cheer camp is in July in Irvine and if nobody hears from me...HELP!!!

more about the house I am now faced with the dilemna of hoping that the seller of the house (who is the realtor) will lower her price to $178,000 or I will not purchase the house. So since I do not think she will be doing this I am back once again looking for houses. I guess next time I will not be telling anybody about the house search since I seem to have bad luck. Oh dream house is out there somewhere.