Monday, August 24, 2009

6th Period Mammogram

Ok so I have started teaching and I already have a hilarious story. If I ever decide to write a book with all of the funny things that happen at work this one would enter it.

My 6th period class is a honors 7th grade math class. I was giving notes on rational numbers when a student raised his hand and told me, "Ms. Recendez did you know Mr. Bush taught his class how to do mammograms?" Of course I look at the kid like he might be crazy and I say "Mammograms?!" and he says "Yes". I of course am looking at him like he's crazy when he then says, "And they are doing it on each other!!" Oh my! I am now looking at him like he really is crazy or Mr. Bush is crazy. I think to myself, Mr. Bush can't be teaching about mammograms...right?! When he then procedes to get his pencil and tap, tap, tap....tap, tap on his desk. I then look right at him at say "MORSE CODE?!?!?!" He states, "Morse code, mammograms, same thing". I then put my head down in my hands and start laughing. I couldn't help it. Just when I think the conversation is over, a girl raises her hand and asks "Ms. Recendez...what is a mammogram?" Oh in the world am I going to explain this now?! So I then procede to say, "Its something 40 year old women get". This then causes a little giggle around the classroom. AND THEN, I use my hand in a clockwise gesture from my face to my belly and saw, "In this area". This causes a great giggle to pass across the classroom.

A little later when the boy tried to say something in my class again, I told him "SHHH! I can't take anything else from you...Mr. Mammogram!"

Who knew I was going to have to teach some life science in my 7th grade honors math class?! I now have a great story for this school year. Let's see if anything can top it!