Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon

So today was going to be the day where I stayed up really late and went to the midnight showing of New Moon. Unfortunately that did not pan out. Jenni and Robyn will be braving out the cold and all of the people with Melissa in my spot. I have unfortunately have come down with a case of strep throat which has put me in bed. UGH!!! Oh well I guess I will be watching the movie next week during my week off. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend Work at the House

So this weekend began the first work on my house! I will break it down by days so it's easier to follow.

Dad and I went over to the house and turned on the lights and then decided to turn on the water. My cousins were there when we turned it on and we had some leaks in the house and the water heater. Dad decided we needed to keep the water off until he could fix it.

Dad went over to the house to do some yard work around the house since there was bush by the driveway that the car mirror would hit. Dad cleaned around the yard and even turned on the sprinklers! We even took a little trip to Home Depot to look at tile, mirrors, windows and doors. I bought hose bibs and the valve for the water heater along with a medicine cabinet. So far this is all that I have bought for the house, but there is a lot more to come. :)

Today Dad went over to the house again to fix all of the hose bibs and the water heater valve. He also sprayed the yard for bugs since there was an infestation of ants. Jenni decided that she really wanted to start the demolition of the bathroom and find what was behind the lovely yellow tiles in the shower/tub. Of course we found some lovely mold on the plywood they decided to tile on. Why would people even use the shower looking like that?!?!!? It was obviously gross and it is just the beginning. Next step is to take out the plywood and see the damage behind it. Wish us luck!! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


So for two whole weeks Jenni and I have been studying for our school law midterm. We have had no life for two weeks by studying with flashcards and by reading the huge text book we had to buy for $120. We started the midterm around 8:40 and we were done by 9:15 or so. Hopefully we passed with flying colors, but we will wait and see. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

House Keys

So I have officially bought a house!!!! I have the keys to prove it as well! I still can't believe it but it is actually real! I haven't blogged about the day I received my keys since my computer cord was broken and I just received a new here is my blog!

House Keys