Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey y'all!
Well since October is breast cancer awareness month my cheerleaders have been promoting all month long by wearing pink tanks that we got during the summer.  They have the breast cancer ribbon on it and they are super cute.  Football has also been supporting all month by selling T-Shirts at the Homecoming Carnival and at the home football games.  They were raising money to donate to an organization.

Well because of all of this great publicity, the Channel 5 News came out this past Friday! It was super exciting for all of the students and for the staff as well.  They wanted some of the students to get there early on Friday morning for interviews.  Well that's what I was told on Thursday morning.  (Yea they told me the day before.)  So early Friday morning there was a gathering of football players, cheerleaders and ASB students.  The whole thing was broadcasted on the news.  During first and second period they also had short segments that were taped as well.  Then during tutorial (after 2nd period), we had a pep rally in the gym.  This was the most spirited pep rally I have seen yet!

 I will now post the link so you can check it out. :) Make sure to look at the clips underneath, there are 3!

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